Nolan Show moves from BBC broadcasting House


Broadcaster Stephen Nolan’s daily radio show has moved operations from the BBC’s Broadcasting House after 20 years.

Details of the move emerged just days after the broadcaster apologised for sending sexually explicit images to a work colleague.

While Nolan said sorry during his Radio Ulster slot on Friday morning, there was no repeat of the apology when he presented his regular Five Live radio programme later that day.

When contacted, a spokeswoman for the BBC said: “We do not have any comment.”

The Sunday World has reported that Nolan’s award winning Radio Ulster programme has moved from the corporation’s Belfast headquarters to Blackstaff House, on Great Victoria Street.

Nolan apologised last week after The Irish News revealed that he sent graphic pictures of former reality TV personality Stephen Bear to work colleagues.

Bear is currently in prison serving a 21-month sentence after being convicted of “revenge porn” and voyeurism in connection with circulating a video of his former girlfriend, Georgia Harrison.

On his radio show on Friday morning, Nolan said he was sorry.

“We have had days, as you probably know, of headlines about me and the Nolan team in the papers this week, and I am not ignoring the story,” he said.

“It’s just that the BBC has processes in place to deal with staff complaints. I do and need to totally respect those processes.

“They have got to be confidential for them to work. I can say one thing though…I’m sorry.

“There was a photograph. It was widely available on the internet and I was talking to a long-term friend and peer outside of work. I am deeply sorry.”

The Irish News has reported that Nolan sent two sexually explicit images to several work colleagues.

Recipients of the messages responded in different ways, one was shocked and offended by both messages while another replied in a follow up on the thread: “There’s another one for the tribunal”.

In an official complaint to the BBC after, an employee suggested the initial photograph of Bear’s penis circulated by Nolan was a “deliberate attempt to undermine and embarrass me”.

The complainant said “further distress” was caused when a second “different explicit photo of Stephen Bear naked” with his penis was also sent out in another group text by Nolan.

In the messages, Nolan also referred to his BBC colleague Will Crawley, who presents the rival Talkback programme, as a “devious c***” while the newsroom more broadly was referred to in a similar way.

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