Radio sets distributed to destitute people

Muglin, May 14 :  The Ichchhakamana Rural
Municipality of Chitwan has distributed radio sets to the destitute community
in a bid to ensure everyone’s access to information.    


Fifteen households from Jaugaira,
Dhusghari and Bhoteshwar of ward no 5 were provided radio set for the first
phase. Kotara Chepang, 60, from Jaugaira expressed happiness after receiving
radio set. He thanked peoples’ representatives at rural municipality, saying
that it would help them entertain with songs and get information about local
activities and national issues.    


Chairman of the rural municipality,
Dan Bahadur Gurung, informed that the rural municipality had planned to
distribute 100 radio sets for the financially poor households in a year. All
poor people from seven wards will be provided radio sets so they would have
access to information.    


“It is every citizen’s right
to get information. None should be deprived of this fundamental right. There is
neither mobile phone, nor internet, television and radio here. We’ve aimed at
ensuring citizens’ right to information,” Chairman Gurung reiterated.
Radio is the effective communication medium for the people in villages.    


He further believed that people
need to develop habit to listen to radio to get information about local level
activities and country affairs. Similarly, various programmes aired on radio
help them become aware. 

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