Sam Seder’s Divorce From Nicole Cattell: What Went

Want to know about Sam Seder’s divorce from Nicole Cattell? It’s been years but not everyone knows the real reason. The Majority Report star is currently making headlines for citing media matters research to argue that Matt Walsh is “fixated a bit on the bodies of children.” Keeping this aside, fans are lately wondering what went wrong in his marriage. Before getting into that discussion, let’s briefly discuss Sam Seder’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Sam Seder is not just a host or a political commentator, but also an actor. Hailing from New York City, Sam is now 56 years old, born in 1966. Some of Sam’s famous credits include- Happy Accidents, Fits and Starts, Sex and the City, Home Movies, Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil, The Good Fight, etc. Not to forget to mention, Sam Seder is majorly known for providing his voice for Hugo Habercore in the animated musical comedy film, The Bob’s Burgers Movie. 

Little did you know, Sam Seder, previously contributed majorly to MSNBC. As mentioned already about The Majority Report with Sam Seder, to the ones who don’t know, it’s an internet talk radio program and podcast. 

Coming back to Sam Seder’s personal life, the Beacon Hill actor has always been pretty much private. He never publicized much about his marriage with Nicole Cattell until they got divorced. It eventually became top news, doing rounds on the web. But, what happened? If you are looking for the details of Sam Seder’s divorce from Nicole Cattell, here is what we know. 

Sam Seder's Divorce From Nicole Cattell
Sam Seder: The Majority Report host (CC: YouTube)

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Sam Seder’s Divorce From Nicole Cattell: Everything To Know 

Well, Sam Seder’s divorce from Nicole Cattell became very much prominent lately. But, not everyone knows about his ex-wife, Nicole. Do you? Probably not! Starting the discussion with her identity, Nicole is a versatile content leader, who has worked not just in the entertainment industry, but also deals with digital, corporate, and interactive content. That’s what her work profile says. It was in 1997, when Nicole Cattell moved to New York City, from the Midwest. Not to forget to mention, Sam Seder’s ex-wife is also the owner of SEI Studios. 

Talking about Sam Seder’s divorce from Nicole Cattell, all happened in 2017. Before that, you also must know, that they share a couple of children- Myla Rae (daughter- 2005), and Saul Arther (son- 2013). As mentioned earlier, nothing much about Sam Seder’s marriage is known, as he never felt like revealing it to the public. Still, it is confirmed that they were together for more than a decade. 

Sam Seder shared about his legal separation from Nicole, in April 2018. As this news came out, people were shocked. Especially the ones who already knew about his long-time marriage, family, and two kids, were disappointed enough.

Sam Seder's Divorce From Nicole Cattell
Sam Seder’s ex-wife: Nicole Cattell (CC: The Atlantic)

You must be wondering the reason! Well, that is yet to be discovered. Nobody knows. Some are convinced that Sam Seder’s divorce from Nicole Cattell was made on an amicable basis. They simply realized being not very much compatible with one another. So, it seemed like Sam and his ex-wife, Nicole, handled it quite good. This is just an assumption though! 

Well, Sam Seder has hitched once in his lifetime, so far. We aren’t sure if he is making any plans to grow his family. However, one thing has remained constant. After the news of Sam Seder’s divorce from Nicole Cattell came out, he didn’t even spark any dating rumors, not even once. Looking at him, the political commentator doesn’t seem to get himself emotionally invested in anything romantic, anytime soon. 

Best Wishes to Sam Seder for the upcoming days of his life. Make sure you follow Sam Seder on his Twitter account for more updates. 

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