Scots radio DJ Ewen Cameron shares mental health update after being ‘attacked by football fans online’

SCOTS radio DJ Ewen Cameron has shared an update on his mental health after being ‘attacked by football fans online’

The Clyde 2 host, 50, recently suffered a breakdown live on air after the death of Grease star Olivia Newton-John.

Ewen Cameron opened up about his mental health battles


Ewen Cameron opened up about his mental health battlesCredit: Michael Schofield

At the time, Cameron told how he was seeking professional help after fans listened as he fought back tears on during his breakfast show.

Listeners were left worried for his welfare as he broke down while presenting the show alongside Cat Harvey, 49.

After the incident, he posted on Twitter: “The passing of Olivia hit me in a way I never expected. I can’t explain.

“I’ve struggled for many years and as I said on the radio I have decided to finally tell my story at some point very soon.

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“Cat is one of the very few people that I’ve opened up to and she has been brilliant and very understanding along with my bosses.

“I’m 50 now and I have vowed that I won’t allow my past to dictate the rest of my life.

“I’m tired of living in fear. I’m tired of 25 plus years of panic attacks and hanging out my bedroom window gasping for air. I’m tired. I’m just very tired.

“It’s time to talk and to start healing.”

Cameron has now shared an update with fans on his mental health and revealed how he has been ‘attacked’ by football fans on social media.

Taking to Twitter, he said: “1. Over four months ago I revealed that I needed help with my mental health. A condition I’d been secretly battling with for decades.

“Only very close family and friends knew of my issues and even then I kept much of my past from them.

“What changed? There were a number of reasons why I broke down but reaching a landmark birthday was a big turning point.

“It got me thinking of how I was going to live the rest of my life and I knew I didn’t want to carry on as I had done for the last 40 years.

“I’d never confronted or dealt with my childhood traumas and I’ve suffered quietly for decades not willing to admit I was ill.

“2. I’ve lived in fear for much of my life and I’ve carried guilt on my shoulders for so long it was destroying me slowly.

“I’ve also suffered from panic attacks since the age of 13 and I firmly believe that me mental health issues, and past traumas, was the cause of a large benign tumour that is growing inside me. It can’t be cut away but I get regular MRI scans to ‘keep an eye on it’.

“Life in my head has been hell for far too long but I never, ever, sought help. I’ve never been on any medication because I kept up the pretence that I was ‘feeling great’ but in reality I was lost and unwell.

“Speaking to my therapist Jane for the last four months has lifted much of that weight from my shoulders. I have clarity for the first time in my life and I understand things so much better. Jane, and the team at Back Onside, have given me my life back but I still have work to do.

“3. And finally, I want to address a few individuals who mocked my mental health issues due to my opinions on a game of football.

“You know who you are and all I’m going to say is this…

“I’m a big boy who can take it. I love football, the banter, the heated debates, the wind ups and I know my opinions will instigate a reaction because I’ve always called it as I see it. No bias. No agendas.

“4. Feel free to call me all the names under the sun, and loads do, and unlike many in the media I happily debate and reply to tweets and messages and I love it. But the attacks about my mental health is scum behaviour. It’s the lowest of the low.

“To the other 99.9999999% of you who have been very supportive I am still the F** you love to hate and always will be and please don’t forget it. I’m not changing.

“And finally, IMO, the Connor Goldson ‘handball’ was never a penalty.

“Love to you all and Mon The Jambos”

Listeners were also quick to offer Cameron support online.

One person replied to the post: “Well said Ewen , as someone that struggles massively I have come to the conclusion that it’s going to win . I’m not a sob story of just fact but to learn that others are over coming is great to hear.”

Another added: “We’ll done Ewen, I’ve listened to you for years and you’ve always took it as much as you’ve gave it. I’m so glad you’ve found some peace and hopefully it continues to get better”.

Someone else said: “Been there Ewan but in truth I don’t think I will ever be the same person I was when I was at my lowest point , but I hope you find peace in your life.”

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A fourth wrote: “Ewan, mental health issues effect quality of life & I applaud your journey back to full health.”

While a fifth chimed in: “Brave post Ewan, wishing you all the very best of luck in your recovery”.

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