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Compatible with Ghost version 5.x.x

Reditory is a news and magazine style Ghost theme with high focus on aesthetics and reading
experience. It’s sleek and clutter free UI design will encourage your visitors to stay and read on your site

This theme is perfect for a magazine or affiliate marketing blog. Also this theme can be used in any collaborative and
multi author blog. For example travel blog, technology blog, lifestyle blog, health blog etc.

This theme comes with light and dark color scheme. you can set color mode to
dark or light according to your choice.

Do you write programming / coding related article or tutorial? this theme already comes with code syntax
. Are
not all these features amazing?


This is not a HTML template or WordPress theme. This is a ghost theme. It works with Ghost. We follow Envato Market Refund Rules. So no refund request will be accepted for mistaken purchase.

If you need WordPress theme then check our WordPress theme collection

Why this notice is here? It is because many people do not pay attention and purchase Ghost theme without knowing about Ghost. Later they realize and asks for refund.

General features

  • 100% responsive, looks nice in any size of device.
  • Content focused, modern and minimal.
  • Very light weight, no unnecessary css or javascript.
  • Super fast performance.
  • Responsive image.
  • Image Lazy loading.
  • Google font.
  • SVG icons, looks fine in even high dpi screens.
  • Well commented and well structured coding.
  • Development files included. Easy to customize.
  • Developer friendly. Built with gulp and SASS.

Supported Inbuilt Ghost features

  • Supports membership portal.
  • Translation ready.
  • Content API v3.
  • Publication title and description.
  • Publication icon, logo and cover image.
  • Primary and secondary navigation.
  • Social accounts link.
  • General post and page.
  • Tags with name description and image.
  • Author cover image, avatar, bio and social links
  • Sign in and Subscribe link in header.
  • Primary tag and primary author in home ( post list ).
  • Multiple author of a post.
  • Koenig Editor.
  • Gallery and Bookmark and all other inbuilt card in Koenig editor.
  • Responsive YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Spotify, twitter, Instagram and all other embed.
  • Post content visibility based on viewer’s membership status.
  • Reading time.
  • Author info in single post view.
  • Share to social sites.

Additional theme features

  • Elegant typography focused clutter free design.
  • Dark and light version.
  • Fast search functionality.
  • Previous and next post link in single post view.
  • Beautiful syntax highlighter.
  • Image zoom in post.
  • Custom Sign In page.
  • Custom subscribe and member account page.
  • Call to action for subscription in members only post.
  • Call to action for subscription in paid-members only post.
  • Pricing table for different subscription plan.
  • Custom author archive page template.
  • Custom tag archive page template.
  • Contact form using Formspree
  • Subscribe form in footer.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility.
  • Responsive YouTube, Vimeo and all other embed.
  • Scroll to top link.
  • Login page.
  • Subscribe page.
  • Pricing table.
  • Account page.

you can test the all membership feature in the live demo site. Sign in, Sign up/subscribe pages.

To test the paid subscription do not use actual card details. Use the live demo site using any of the
stripe’s test card numbers and details. Here you can find the
test card list.

Test result

  • Valid HTML5 coding.
  • 100% compatible with latest ghost – Ghost GScan score 100 / 100
  • PageSpeed Insights score – Desktop 99 and Mobile 96
  • Pingdom – Performance grade A (score 91) load time740 millisecond


All Images in the live demo are form

Images used only for preview purpose. Images are not included in main download.


Providing fast and effective support to the user is my top most priority. I took support and bug fixing very

For any help regarding this theme, please feel free to contact me using the support tab above or through my profile page and I will be glad to offer support.

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V 3.0.0 - May 28, 2022
- Rebuilt default sign up to show the tire pricing table.
- Added a new file for free sign up page.
- Modified routes.yaml file.
- Added new content-cta to support tire membership.
- Updated all dependencies.
- Removed deprecated helper.
- Removed Old pricing table.
- Modified pricing table to support pricing tires with newly released helpers.
- Updated minimum required Ghost version to 5.0.0
V 2.2.1 - May 06, 2022
[ - ] - Removed deprecated engines.ghost-api option from package.json file.
V 2.2.0 - May 06, 2022
[ * ] - Updated all dependency packages.
[ * ] - Fix issue: Development workflow error in node version 16
[ - ] - Removed the Predefined format from all Mon Jun 29 2020 05:30:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time) helper upon.
V 2.1.0 - January 20, 2022
[ + ] - Added support for all new cards available in the editor.
[ + ] - Added various custom settings so that those can be changed without editing theme files.
[ * ] - upgraded minimum required ghost version to 4.20.0.
[ + ] - Added support for the ghost accent color.
V 2.0.0 - March 18, 2021
[ * ] - Updated all third party dependency and development dependency in the package.
[ * ] - Updated Ghost engines and API to v4
[ * ] - replaced deprecated @site.lang with new @site.locale
[ * ] - Fixed currency symbol using new price helper, Removed @price.currency_symbol helper.
[ - ] - Removed @lab.members condition checking members are always enabled in Ghost 4.0.
[ * ] - updated single post view for properly showing the content preview above the subscription CTA.
[ + ] - Added direct support of tag colors. now tag colors work without any code injection.
[ + ] - Added stripe checkout cancel notification.
V 1.1.0 - October 09, 2020
[ * ] - Updated all dependency.
[ * ] - Changed JavaScript for search to make it compatible with latest version of dependency.
[ + ] - Added billing info edit success and cancel notification.
V 1.0.0 - June 29, 2020
[ + ] - Initial release
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