Singer Composes Male Reply Version To Qalas Ghode Pe Sawaar Wins Million Hearts! Internet Asks

The male reply version of Ghode Pe Sawaar song is winning hearts on internet. The viral video already has over a million likes and thousands of comment. Check this viral song right now!

Viral Video: Singer Composes Male Reply Version To Qala's 'Ghode Pe Sawar' Wins Million Hearts! Internet Asks 'Spotify Pe Kab Ayega'
Viral Video: Singer Composes Male Reply Version To Qala’s ‘Ghode Pe Sawar’ Wins Million Hearts! Internet Asks ‘Spotify Pe Kab Ayega’

Alexa cue, ” Ghode Pe Sawaar.” (music lays, koi kaise unhe ye samjhaye….)

Netflix’s period Drama, ‘Qala’ has mustered different views from the audience but what binds everyone to this movie is its famous song, Ghode Pe Sawaar. Several are surely guilty of playing this soothing melody on loop, right! From its lyrics, tune, to the serene voice of the singer, the song has enraptured people with its rhythm. It is like a fresh breath of some good music in the era of remix. But recently, a singer on Instagram has composed a male reply version of this songs and the internet is loving it! The viral video has already amassed over 1.3 million likes, and over 6 thousand comments.


The video has been shared by an account by the name Pujit Pandya. A composer, as per the bio, Pujit posted the video few days ago but the video is doing the rounds on instagram and group chats of many.

In the caption Pujit has claimed it to be a self-written song.

The comment section is brimming with appreciation in multiple ways. An Instagram user by the Parikshit Balochi, who is a RJ in Middle East according to the bio, has even asked Pujit for a collab on a radio show in Dubai.

One user wrote, ” Need it on spotify asap…”

Another wrote, ” Viral for a reason. Too Good.” A third user commented “…Heard this more than 100 times.”

Pujit’s account has several other reels with his renditions of several other songs.

So, did you like this version of Ghode Pe Sawaar?

Published Date: January 15, 2023 11:07 AM IST

Updated Date: January 15, 2023 11:09 AM IST

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