Spotify to turn radio into podcasts with new tech

Spotify has announced new technology capable of converting a radio broadcast into a Spotify podcast.

Recently, Spotify has announced new technology that is set to give traditional radio broadcasters the ability to convert their existing audio content into podcasts. This technology comes by way of an Australian podcast company called Whooshkaa which Spotify acquired in late 2021, and Spotify plans to integrate this tech into its enterprise podcast platform Megaphone.

The basic idea here is that Spotify wants to give existing radio broadcasters an easy way to turn their content into podcasts that Spotify can, in turn, add to its platform. Spotify wants to expand its library and reach new audiences, while traditional broadcasters have been fighting the tide of streaming and podcasting for years and are themselves in need of new audiences and methods of distribution, so in a lot of ways, this could be a win-win.

How will this all work? Essentially, the plan is that broadcasters will be able to get podcast versions of their radio content created automatically for them by Spotify. Spotify’s technology is even reportedly able to identify ads in radio content in order to remove those only intended for the live show while simultaneously inserting new ads in their place fit for an internet audience. According to Spotify, broadcasters have access to tons of content but aren’t always set up to do podcasts, and this is exactly where Spotify is trying to step in.

While we’ll have to wait and see what the effects of this technology actually are and if a whole plethora of new content actually does get added to Spotify’s library, being able to access your favorite radio shows on Spotify feels like a win, especially if you already use Spotify for music or other kinds of podcast content.

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