Steve Harvey’s witty response to death hoax breaks


Steve Harveys witty response to death hoax breaks the internet
Steve Harvey’s witty response to death hoax breaks the internet

Steve Harvey, one of the most prominent comedians in America and host of the popular show, The Family Feud, recently became a victim of a death hoax.

Steve was known for his wits and humour. When he learned about the trend, he turned it into a meme with a Twitter post.

The rumours of his death started circulating, leaving his fans heartbroken. When the comedian noticed the trend, he didn’t let the moment pass and turned it into a meme. 

He trolled those spreading fake rumours of his death by sharing a meme that featured the comedian himself.

The post saw him sitting on a chair while looking at his phone with almost dead facial expressions. He captioned, “Me seeing that Rip Harvey is trending.”

India Today reports that the death hoax of Steve Harvey wasn’t intentionally fabricated fake news; the Twitter trend RIP Harvey was related to Kentucky radio station KSR’s regular caller, Harvey Doyle.

Harvey, the KSR’s regular caller, sadly passed away, and his death was announced on July 18.

In a statement, station host Matt Jones expressed his sorrow over the death of Harvey, adding that the news of Harvey’s death is terrible and makes him sad.

The confusion started when many radio listeners expressed their condolences by writing RIP Harvey; many mistook it as Steve Harvey due to a similarity in names. 

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