Strictly The EDGE gets a makeover


RichRocc and Danae

Strictly the Edge, the two-hour entertainment/lifestyle and magazine programme which airs on radio station The EDGE 105 FM, Mondays to Fridays, from 10 AM to 12 PM, will see the introduction of a co-host as well as new additions to its format as of August 2.

Attorney-in-waiting Danae Reid will join main presenter DJ Rich Rocc in what is expected to bring high energy to mid-morning radio.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer on Monday, Rich Rocc (real name Daron Ferguson) shared what he is looking forward to most about the new changes.

“What I am looking forward to most is the show being more informative and sharing knowledge with the listening audience. The show will have a few changes, and the aim is to change the sound of mid-morning radio. Good music, good laughter with way more educational discussions,” said Rich Rocc.

Among the features in the show are Edge Play, featuring an artiste and a song, and Scrolling, which focuses on trending topics from social media.

Rich Rocc brings his experience and knowledge to the table, having created a lane for himself playing at events and parties.

“I started out at NewsTalk 93 FM in 2013. My interest in being a DJ started from watching and listening to my dad, while I hid and attended different events in my community after which, I started playing at these same events as well as on Internet radio,” said Rich Rocc.

He added: “I bring the youthfulness as a presenter. I’m not just a DJ. Many young radio DJs they can mix really well, but have no personality. I can do both; give you mixes with a good storyline while giving humorous commentary.”

Rich Rocc, who is from Spanish Town, attended St Catherine High and Mico University College.

Danae Reid, who recently completed studies at Norman Manley Law School, is excited about her move into radio.

“In addition to bringing a fresh, pleasing voice to The EDGE I’ll bring engaging and informative content to the slot. I look forward to keeping listeners informed on current events, trends, anything appropriately topical and interesting. I’m also looking forward to interacting with the listeners who I am told are very active,” said Reid.

She continued: “I intend to create a welcoming and entertaining atmosphere for listeners to engage, learn and laugh. I’ll be contributing my ability to connect with listeners, address their interests, bring positivity and enjoyment to their day.”

“In a sense, media has always been something I’ve had a passion for. I grew up listening to the radio quite often. I was introduced to being on air, however, when I did an interview on KLAS ESPN Sports Radio to promote a pageant that I had entered… eons ago. From there, Tony Young [producer] heard my voice and mentored me… While going to the Faculty of Law I juggled working at KLAS doing voiceovers and eventually cohosted a show called The Sports Fusion. Since then I’ve done many voiceovers for radio, corporate entities, private companies, and even hosting events which I was studying law,” Reid disclosed.

Asked what she felt is missing from radio today, Reid said: “In my view, radio should be very entertaining and fun, but also incorporate some informative [and] educational segments that enrich listeners’ knowledge and awareness during their day. In my view, radio today rarely has both. It’s usually either all fun and laughter but no substance [or] all seriousness and a ton of info coming at you and not very entertaining. There is balance missing also. I think structure, proper research and preparation is also missing from radio today…”

Reid is from Kingston and attended Immaculate Conception High School and later The University of the West Indies, Mona.

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