“The Constitution Today” with WMU-Cooley Law Profs. Brendan T. Beery and Jeff Swartz Open Their Weekly Blog Talk Radio Broadcast with “What They Really Think – Tuesday, December 27, 2022, from 10am-12Noon ET

The CALL-IN number is 347-205-9201

Those who call the broadcast will be asked to stay on topic and share their first name so they may be respectfully addressed!

The broadcast may be heard “LIVE” or “ON DEMAND” using the following hyperlink that is specific to this broadcast – http://tobtr.com/s/12180682 

Legal Analyst, Western Michigan University Cooley Law School Professor, former Miami-Dade County Judge Jeffrey Swartz, and Criminal Law Professor Jeffrey D. Swartz.

The. U.S. Constitution

Constitutional Law Professor Brendan T. Beery

TAMPA, FL and YONKERS, NY— December 27, 2022 — WMU-Cooley Law Prof. Brendan T. Beery and Fellow Law Prof. Jeff Swartz open their Tuesday, December 20th morning radio broadcast with “What They Really Think” and thereafter delve into “The Constitution Today”. Tune in for a scintillating analysis of the political climate and its relevance to our present and future national demeanor and prospects. From 10-11am ET.

Yonkers Tribune Publisher Hezi Aris follows thereafter with regard to hyperlocal, county, state, and international news with commensurate analysis. From 11am-12Noon ET

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