The Most Amazing Radio Resignation Of All Time, “I…


The MOTHER of all of the BEST resignations in radio history came from the legendary “Inetta the Moodsetta” in of all places KBLX in Alabama in 2006 where I believe James Alexander was the PD at the time.

The clip of her audio is (below) and her last line the famous “I Quit this Bitch!” caused an internet explosion… of support. Her frustration rang true with MOST part timers nationwide who are often treated like hot dog sh… by the Radio Station .

Inetta the Moodsetta

Word is Inetta had received offers from Detroit, Miami, and even New York City! She allegedly even did an interview with a Top 40 Radio Station in Portland , Oregon, and they were trying to hook her up with their urban sister Radio Station during the interview.  

Her delivery on the audio was pristine and she avoided the FCC’s seven deadly words, even at the end, so the Radio Stations want her spunk and ability to tap dance all over the line but not cross the line. I have not heard anything else about her.  

Not necessarily because of what she did or even being blackballed, she expressed a lack of desire to continue working radio on this audio. If I was a PD I would have hired her immediately. The fact that she let the Radio Station have it without breaking the broadcasting rules and playing that great imaging after she quit is impressive. audio below

Programmers are complaining that part timers are hard to find. Well, this is a double edge sword. If you treat them like this then YES it is going to be hard to find them. In addition what in the hell can they aspire to be…. MORNING SHOW HOSTS.. give me a break. There are NO spots left at urban on morning shows. Part timers should be paid well, coached and trained. Not just left alone to navigate the Radio Station during the weekend while the PD takes a break. If interest is shown in them they will show interest. It is certainly no wonder why the pool is dry ….

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