The shocking story of Halala went viral again on the Internet, the burqa woman expressed her pain

Bareilly: These days an old video of a triple talaq victim from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh is going viral on social media. In this video, the victim is telling how her husband first gave 3 talaqs and got her halala done by her father and then after giving talaq again, asked her to marry her brother and perform halala.

This video has recently been shared by ISKCON spokesperson Radharaman Das. You will be surprised to hear the pain of the woman. In the video, she is telling that her husband made a mockery of her life because she did not have children after many years of marriage. She says, “First I went after getting married with my husband. He divorced me. Then my father-in-law married me, so accordingly I became my husband’s mother. Again my husband left me. Then he asked his brother to build a relationship, that means I should become his sister-in-law. In this way, the joke is happening with me that when I will become his mother, sister-in-law, wife.”

Let us tell you that this case of atrocity with a Muslim woman in Bareilly is of 2018. There was a lot of discussion about it in the media. The victim was given triple talaq in 2017 due to childlessness after marriage in 2009. After that, her father-in-law was made halala by giving injection. When the victim’s sister came to know about it, she complained about it. In the complaint, it was told how the father-in-law raped the victim for several days. The atrocities on the victim did not stop here. She remarried with her husband and got divorce again. This time the husband wanted his wife to perform Halala with his brother, for which the woman did not agree. In a video from 2018, one can see how the woman expressed her anger while opposing triple talaq. The victim of Bareilly had given a reply to the religious contractors and said that these people have made a spectacle. First divorce the wife, then get married, Then force them to perform halala. She had said, these people decide in a closed room with whom to get halala done, whether he is like a father or a brother. These people do not let things go out. She had asked that those who justify triple talaq citing Shariat should tell whether the relationship between aunt-nephew, brother-sister is justified.

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