USVI Online Radio Station Sends Teacher and Student On


CHRISTIANSTED — For the third consecutive year the Virgin Islands Department of Education and the Virgin Islands premiere online radio station ViVid Streaming has sent a deserving teacher to Disney World. The trip is the crown jewel of the popular call-in segment SWAGG CALL.

The segment is intended to build school pride and recognize deserving teachers and professors. While teachers and administrators are welcomed to call and “shout-out” their school, colleagues or themselves, the initiative is dominated by students whose calls vary from straight forward shout-outs of their favorite school and teacher/professor to intricate poems and songs doing the aforementioned.

Every call enters the student and teacher they shout-out to win an all-expenses paid trip (airfare, hotel accommodations and passes) to the amusement park. The winner is selected by a raffle at the end of the semester.

If a student is selected, they get to select the parent/guardian they want to travel with. If a teacher/professor is selected, they get to select who they want to accompany them. This year’s winner was Wendy Wynter, a teacher at Lew Muckle Elementary School. The 20-year-veteran teacher chose to take her son with her on the trip to the Magic Kingdom.

The SWAGG CALL resumed on August 21, 2023 at its usual time at 7:20 a.m. during The Good
Mahnin Show hosted by radio veteran and ViVid Streaming founder Rashidi Clenance aka Rash on
de Riddim and his producer Bianca Phillips aka Yonca. ViVid Streaming is available on your App &
Play Stores and online at ViVidStreaming.live.

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