Wi-Fi is DEAD: Li-Fi’s Light-Speed Internet


Outpacing Wi-Fi: Li-Fi Standard Revealed, Promises Speeds 100 Times Faster!

Outpacing Wi-Fi: Li-Fi Standard Revealed, Promises Speeds 100 Times Faster!


  • Light-speed Internet: IEEE announces 802.11bb, the standard for Li-Fi, paving the way for a 100 times faster wireless experience.
  • Li-Fi, leveraging light over radio frequencies, set to redefine data transmission with unrivaled speed, reliability, and security.
  • Next-gen networking: Li-Fi expected to offer congestion-free connections, heightened security, and support high bandwidth tasks with ease.
Unveiling a technological marvel that makes the current Wi-Fi look like a tortoise in a race, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has launched 802.11bb – the dazzling new standard for light-based wireless communications, affectionately known as Li-Fi.

Ditch the Radio Waves – Light is Here to Stay

In an era where everything is ‘smart’, from phones to homes, a faster, more reliable internet is not just a luxury – it’s a necessity. Enter Li-Fi, an ingenious technology using light rather than radio frequencies (RF) for data transmission. Endorsed by global Li-Fi businesses like pureLiFi and Fraunhofer HHI, this revolutionary tech promises to deliver blisteringly fast and secure wireless communications that can eclipse conventional Wi-Fi and 5G technologies.

A New Dawn in Wireless Communications

Li-Fi is not just about speed. Fraunhofer’s Dominic Schulz points out the inherent benefits of using light for data transmission. Leveraging an exclusive optical spectrum, Li-Fi ensures higher reliability with lower latency and jitter. Moreover, Li-Fi’s line-of-sight propagation enhances security by preventing wall penetration, thus reducing risks of jamming and eavesdropping, while enabling centimetre-precision indoor navigation.

An Era of Integration

The publishing of the IEEE 802.11bb Li-Fi standard paves the way for manufacturers to confidently incorporate this groundbreaking tech into their devices. pureLiFi, one of the pioneers of Li-Fi, has already taken a bold step with its Light Antenna ONE module. Currently being evaluated by OEMs, this tiny 14.5mm long component is poised to revolutionize internet connectivity by providing more connections without congestion, greater security, and handling the heaviest of bandwidth tasks with ease.

The Future is Bright

While Li-Fi may not completely replace Wi-Fi or 5G, it promises to transform the way we interact with the internet. By leveraging Li-Fi’s unique advantages in specific scenarios, we can potentially reap the benefits of both technologies. From the looks of it, a flood of Li-Fi network devices and user devices supporting this new standard is expected to hit the market soon. All we can say is, the future of internet connectivity is bright – literally!

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