Youtube Music: YouTube Music rolls out ‘Create a radio’ feature on Android and iOS: Here’s how you can create a radio

YouTube Music announced the ‘Create a radio’ feature on both Android and iOS platforms. Now, the company has officially launched the feature for its users. This feature allows users to create a personalised radio station based on a selected song or artist, using a combination of algorithms and human curation to provide a unique listening experience. Users can also customise the radio station by adding or removing songs. The feature is available to both free and premium users of YouTube Music.
Earlier, YouTube Music curated its own radio when any song is selected from anywhere in the app. The radio station would start playing after the current track ends. There would be an ‘Up Next’ notification on the screen showcasing what’s next to be played. Additionally, users also had the ability to save the radio as their regular playlist.

Here’s how YouTube Music listeners can create a radio:

  1. Open the YouTube Music app, scroll down and search for ‘Create a radio’ option which will be labelled as ‘Your Music Tuner’.
  2. After tapping, an endless grid of artists will appear, giving users the ability to select up to 30 artists at a time.
  3. Once selected, choose whether the ‘Song selection’ or ‘frequency of those artists’ should be, Familiar, Blend or Discover.
  4. YouTube Music will also ‘Filters’ from categories like Popular, Deep cuts, and New releases, Pump-up, Chill, Upbeat, Downbeat, and Focus.

Moreover, the app will also prompt users when there are ‘No songs to play’ and ask them to try other options.
After completing, an ‘always updating’ radio will appear using the new layout. The playlist is named after the selected artists and characteristics. It can get unwieldy if you select more than a few artists.
The radio can also be manually saved using the ‘Add to library’ option located beside the play button.

Creating a radio lets you build stations “from the ground up, by combining key music building blocks such as artists and common music descriptors to whether the user wants songs that are new discoveries, or chill songs, for example.” This feature was first spotted in testing at the end of last year.
“With this new radio functionality, we’re flipping that model on its head, empowering users to create their own radios from the ground up, by combining key music building blocks such as artists and common music descriptors,” the company said in an email. “The result is giving users a lot more control over their music listening experiences, and allowing them to slice their music in many ways currently unavailable to them, on YouTube Music or really any music service,” reads the YouTube blog post.

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