Zangi company launches ‘ArtsakhX’ project in


A memorandum was signed Monday between the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) government and Zangi company to create a modern and protected communication system in Artsakh; the project will be called “ArtsakhX.” General director of this company Vahram Martirosyan wrote about this on Facebook.

“Actually, we had started the work 6 months ago, and the system will be accessible for all Artsakh residents very soon. ArtsakhX has the following features:

– It is encoded with the Military Grade End-to-End AES-GSM-256 algorithm approved by NATO.

– Servers and all data will be located in the territory of Artsakh Republic.

– In case of disconnection of Artsakh from the internet, it will continue to work, ensuring connection within Artsakh.

– It is able to provide data transmission under conditions of pressure and deterioration of communication with REP radio electronic systems by the enemy.

ArtsakhX is a unique solution in the world that implements the integration of a civil GSM operator and a messenger system. It enables to militarize civilian infrastructure.

ArtsakhX was created and will be operated by Zangi on completely gratuitous principles.

I express a special thanks to all those who contributed to the implementation of ArtsakhX,” the Zangi company general director added.

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